SAN Rock Art

For those who have limited time, the Glenside hike offers superb hiking opportunities while you enjoy the scenic splendour of the Berg and Lesotho. Situated 25km's from Drakensberg Gardens Hotel and 16km's from the village of Underberg, this is a must for hikers. Capture the essence of unforgettable views of the UmZimkulu River which wends its way down to the Indian Ocean, history and culture containing it's fluid journey. Enjoy the San Rock Art lining outcrops at water's edge, in caves and on rock faces, the history of Southern Drakensberg exposed.

Rock-Art is a form of painting, engraving or other graphicrepresentation on a fixed rock surface or loose stone, executed by a human and is older than 100 years, including any area within 50m of such a representation. The KZN Heritage Act (Act no 4 of 2008) Section 36 (1)-(6) - No person may destroy, damage, excavate, alter, write or draw upon, or otherwise disturb any archaeological, rock art, palaeontological, battlefield or meteorite site except under the authority of a permit issued by Amafa Kwazulu Natal.