Pucketty Farm

Pucketty Farm Stall is an epicurean delight. All of our products are homemade. Baskets groaning with our fresh home baked goodies. Pies, quiches, pates, puddings, locally made farm cheeses filling our display fridge. Shelves displaying our vast range of jams and marmalades, pickles and chutneys. Old fashioned ginger beer, pickled onions, and much, much more. Sit under the trees in our Tea Garden and enjoy a home style breakfasts or a light lunch. Savor one of our sweet delights or settle for a fresh cup of Nespresso coffee.

All of the meals served are available in the farm stall and are delicious ! There is an animal farm and a Guinea pig village on Pucketty Farm. Lots of potbelly piglets, minature goats, geese, ducks and chickens running all over the place. The kiddies can feed the animals as bags of animal feed can be bought for R3 a bag. A good place to visit !